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BDS Suspension

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BDS Suspension are engineers & manufactures of quality aftermarket 4x4 off road suspension lift kits, leveling kits & accessories. BDS Suspension was started in 1996 by a business group who felt it was past time to create a suspension company that truly had the best interest of the off road consumer as its' foundation. With over 45 combined years experience with other major suspension companies, both buying and selling, BDS Suspension were frustrated by the lack of quality and the unwillingness to make things right by these 4x4 companies. So BDS Suspension set out to create a suspension company that would be the best. Use it, abuse it. That’s our motto

CJ to YJ Spring Conversion Kit (76-86)

P/N: BDS124021
Special order

£651.65inc VAT £543.04ex VAT

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