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N-FAB is the industry leader in quality Nerf-Bars, Pre-Runners, and other Off-Road accessories. N-Fab design and manufacture some of the best looking, strongest, and most durable Nerf-Bars available in the industry today. At N-FAB, they are committed to building a heavy duty, high-end, high-quality tubular parts for all the latest trucks and SUV's, even dating back to the 80's. While others are using thinner tube to cut cost, N-Fab still uses heavier gauge .084-wall steel, with a welded one-piece construction. N-Fab Zinc coat each part for better protection from rust. Lastly, finish parts with a thick layer of high gloss powder-coating for a long lasting finish coat. These standards N-Fab lives and breathes far surpass thier competition. If you want products that are unique and designed to last longer, look cleaner, function better, then N-FAB has what you are looking for!

EpYx Steps, JL 4 Door

P/N: EXJ184-TX
Special order

£659.15inc VAT £549.29ex VAT

Storm Jeeps - Custom Jeep Builds from Jeepey