OBD2 Advanced Diagnostic Tool (TFDTJEEP)

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P/N: TFDTJEEP / JM-05361

Product Description


All Jeeps with OBD2 up to 2018,


Excludes JL and Compass

Requires Android tablet operating system and internet connection. 

The Terrafirma Jeep Diagnostic tool is a hand held device designed to perform a wide range of diagnostic and fault finding functions on Jeep vehicles. TFDTJEEP connects directly into your vehicle’s OBD11 diagnostic port and connects yo your phone or tablet via Bluetooth

TFDTJEEP covers all European Jeep models including the Jeep Wrangler JK and Renegade and is compatible with Android mobile devices with the app available for download from the Android Play Store. Ideal for DIY, Workshop or Main Dealer use.

What can the Terrafirma Jeep Diagnostic Tool do?

You can monitor your vehicle’s sensors, RPM, road speed, alternator output, temperature of your engine, transmission, and other fluids, you’ll be able to monitor for any fault codes that arise and most importantly, you’ll be able to do quick scans and diagnostics, in fact anything with an electrical sensor can be checked and monitored including radio controls. All displayed on your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Read fault codes
  • Clear fault codes
  • Read and display live data
  • Test actuators
  • Test dash functions
  • Service and oil change reset
  • Use on any Jeep vehicle model with OBDII
  • Perform special functions

Do you have a warning light on your dash when nothing seems to be wrong? Serviced your own Jeep and the ‘Service Due’ light is still nagging you? Maybe there is really something wrong and you want some idea what’s-up before an expensive trip to the garage? The Terrafirma Jeep Diagnostic tool will quickly scan your vehicles systems and identify the fault.

Modern Jeeps incorporate a significant amount of technology. Computers run many of the systems and they will usually inform the driver when something is wrong, typically in the form of a warning light on the dash. Now you can test your Jeep’s computers yourself, often avoiding expensive dealer diagnostics checks and possibly even an unnecessary repair.

All Jeeps manufactured since 2002 are fitted with an OBD11 Diagnostic socket, although some early vehicles have less computer technology on board later vehicles are loaded with technology that now you can access and interrogate.

The Terrafirma Jeep diagnostic tool can automatically scan the multitude of computers on your Jeep including engine management, transmission, fuel and ignition and many other systems where electronic signals are transmitted and stored. The more sophisticated the Jeep the more capable the tool and information is stored even when the Jeep is switched off.

When a particular fault is found it can be cleared or a ‘clear all faults’ function deals with any stored historic faults that may have been caused by an exceptional circumstance or a ‘bugs in the system’, reoccurring faults should receive further investigation perhaps by a qualified technician to repair a problem. It’s worth noting the TFDTJEEP is a diagnostic tool and not an electronic mechanic, a workshop repair may still be required.

The Terrafirma Jeep Diagnostic Tool is easy to use, a mobile phone or tablet is required with Android operating system with apps available for download from the Android Play Store. A short adaptor cable connects a module to the Jeep's OBD II port. This port is usually located just under the dashboard, near the driver's side of the vehicle. Once the unit is plugged in, insert the key and turn it to the first position, enough for the dash lights to come on but not far enough to actually start the car. The TFDTJEEP will then lead you through the unit registration process with a series of prompts. Once that is done follow the rest of the on-screen directions to use the tool. The engine will need to be running to provide most of the live data but note that the engine must be switched off to be able to reset the diagnostic system.

  • Engine ECU
  • Automatic transmission
  • TPMS
  • Steering angle sensor
  • ABS
  • Instrument pack
  • Central Gateway
  • Body controller
  • Infotainment
  • Heat ventilation and A/C
  • Automatic Sway Bar
  • SRS
  • Security
  • Park Assist
  • Read and clear fault codes
  • System information
  • Live data
  • Actuators
  • Special functions
  • Immobiliser keyless
  • Oil Reset
  • Electronic park brake EPB
  • Tyre pressure system
  • ABS brake bleed
  • Accessory delay time
  • Accurate Engine Battery Feed
  • Auto door lock / unlock
  • Change country code
  • Disable radio clock display
  • Flash hazard lamps on lock
  • Headlamps delay time
  • Cool down test for Climate
  • Electronic shifters able to reset learned adaptions
  • Change Language preference
  • Change measurement units
  • Seatbelt alert monitor/system
  • Update measurement units

All displayed faults are stored as a code; each code consists of one letter and 4 digits such as P1234, these codes are often universal and published widely on the internet. They are category specific as follows:

  • Body (B-codes) category covers functions that are, generally, inside of the passenger compartment. These functions provide the driver with assistance, comfort, convenience, and safety.
  • Chassis (C-codes) category covers functions that are, generally, outside of the passenger compartment. These functions typically include mechanical systems such as brakes, steering and suspension.
  • Powertrain (P-codes) category covers functions that include engine, transmission and associated drivetrain accessories.
  • Network & Vehicle Integration (U-codes) category covers functions that are shared among computers and systems on the vehicle.
  • Manufacturer’s codes - The codes start with 0 and have been adopted as standard by all manufacturers that follow the OBD11 standard.

If you don’t have access to a manufacturer’s manual a Google search will return lots of information to help you understand the fault code that your Jeep has stored. Depending on your technical skills you may be able to repair a fault yourself or be armed with the information to discuss with your garage.

There is no need to be afraid to use the Terrafirma Jeep Diagnostic Tool, you cannot damage your Jeep, cause a fault or make a fault worse. Any adjustments made in ‘Special Functions’ can be undone by returning to ‘Factory Settings’. The TFDTJEEP is a very capable tool and a must have for keen Jeep enthusiasts, specialists and main dealer technicians to keep handy in the glove pocket or tool box.

Manufacturer - Terrafirma

Terrafirma (Latin meaning Solid Earth). The Terrafirma range of Jeep accessories has been created to meet the demands of Jeep enthusiasts and is distributed Worldwide through Allmakes 4x4 authorised parts and accessory dealers. Terrafirma offers choice, clear product identification and application, making sure the correct product can be selected from the extensive range of accessories. The largest category in the range is Terrafirma Serious Suspension. To satisfy the diverse requirements of 4x4 owners both on and off road. Other Terrafirma products also available include: Performance exhausts, cross drilled and grooved brake discs, Terrafirma Power Plug diesel power upgrades, reinforced steering rods, winch mounts & bumpers and with new products being evaluated and tested for introduction in the near future Terrafirma will become one of the most recognized 4x4 accessory brands. Terrafirma is an Allmakes 4x4 brand.

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£154.45 inc VAT £420.00 inc VAT £128.71 ex VAT Add to basket

Special order

P/N: TFDTJEEP / JM-05361

Need help or have a question?

Chat to us online, call our office (weekdays 9am-5.00pm) or email us and we'll get back to you!

01482 666 491

[email protected]

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