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Jeepey is a family run business, founded by father and son who have had an involment with the Jeeps dating back over 23 years to 1997 when Mike bought his first Jeep a Cherokee XJ. It was not long after buying the XJ, son Andy, soon persuaded Dad to buy a Jeep Wrangler for a bit of fun during the summer months. Before the showroom shine on the TJ had faded… father and son were soon out trailing the TJ with the family on green lanes runs, and the red TJ was soon to make an appearance in Jeep World Magazine and join in on the fun at the annual Jeep Fest.

In those early days they also bought an old 2-door Range Rover, then an old Series 3 and began trialling at their local off-road site.  However, they soon noticed big difference and loved the advantages of the Jeep over the over the Series 3 with its straight six engine and removable roof. The Range Rover and Series 3 were traded, and the investment went into the red TJ which they still own to this day!

By this time Andy had begun his engineering degree and he spent many hours on the family drive modifying the Wrangler. It was now time to take their love of the Jeep brand one step further and share their passion with other Jeep enthusiasts in the East Yorkshire region. In 2001 set up their own club and web site, Jeepey.com (JEEP East Yorkshire) …. hence the name Jeepey!

The Jeepey Club grew in strength and it was not long before it gathered interest from Jeep owners across the UK and growing its membership numbers to over 500 and they organised 4x4 tours all over the UK and even Europe.

Soon the recession hit the UK and the demand for 4x4s declined dramatically. As a result, a number of suppliers importing parts for Jeeps went under, and Jeep themselves were victims of takeovers and changes in management. 

During this unstable time, it became very difficult to get hold of Jeep parts in the UK and the team at Jeepey Club would be constantly asked by members for advice on where to get parts to keep their Jeeps running both on and off road!  This is when the Jeepey parts business originated by obtaining a trading deal with Crown Automotive USA.

With the parts business growing continually, Jeepey were asked for more aftermarket parts and the product portfolio increased by getting more manufactures on board offering customers a wide choice of parts from leading suppliers. 

Andy continued to modify Jeeps and has earned himself a massive amount of respect within the Jeep fraternity not only in the UK but in USA and Europe. Over the following years the parts business grew, and several Wranglers bought and modified to showcase the business and products at Jeep events across the country. This enabled Andy to demonstrate the level of improvement over the standard vehicles along with the build quality.  It was not long before other Jeep owners wanted a bit of the action, and Andy was commissioned by owners to modify their own vehicles.

As the 4x4 market picked up and the popularity of the JK grew, Jeepey started to grow into more adventurous modifications on the JK opening up a whole new market.

By 2016 Jeepey business was strong enough for Andy to make the decision to leave his career in engineering and became full time within the business. The success of JK modification naturally led into the birth of the Jeepey custom build branding and in 2017….and Storm Jeeps was launched.

It was important for Storm Jeeps to be the first company in the UK to get a handle on the new Wrangler JL that came out last year. Following a visit to SEMA show in America, Andy returned to the UK with great ideas of product and opportunities for JL parts. He could now offer JL modification parts from industry leading companies like Terraflex and Omix-Ada enabling Jeepey and Storm Jeeps to market Falcon and Rugged Ridge within the UK market. 

With the cooperation and support of these US companies Storm Jeeps where the first company in the UK to very quickly get into the JL market. They pride themselves as the UK market leaders as far as JL modifications are concerned, with 50 examples now completed, and a wealth of experience gained. Andy is now happy to share this experience with both future and existing Storm customers.

Jeepey and Storm Jeeps is not all about the Wrangler either, Storm Jeeps also modify other Jeeps, such as the Renegade, and work on restoration on the older TJ, YJs and CJs. Storm Jeeps have a massive capture market from all around the UK, along with Storm Jeeps exported to Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, UAE, and Ibiza to name a few.

Today, Jeepey and Storm Jeeps are still very much a family concern working from a base in East Yorkshire. Andy now heads up a small a team who have a strong passion towards the Jeep brand. The team includes his wife Anabel Purchasing Manager and his father Mike, Sales Director, and they are supported by, Paul, Hattie, Olly, Megan, Mick and Steve 

In addition, we also have additional specialist trusted contractors for paint including Raptor finish, vehicle wrapping, window tinting, audio, plus IT specialists and media support consultants. This enables them to offer a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise, whilst maintaining the values expected from a family run business.

Looking forward for the future for Storm Jeeps and Jeepey and the new company Storm Customs have moved to new premises at Newport East Yorkshire. Storm Customs specialise with the new Suzuki Jimny, along with modification for the Ford Rangers, Nissan Navara, Land Rover, there is a new Suzuki Jimny, which they have a modified demo available to view.

Remember, your first stop for quality parts from world leading manufactures, or acquiring your next brand-new Jeep from Storm, and not forgetting your Jeep and 4x4 modifications and restoration in our East Yorkshire workshop, visit our web sites Jeepey.com and Storm Jeeps, or call 01482 666491.



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